The system for monitoring communications should be dislocated from the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), in order to cancel the monopoly that the Administration has at the moment over this process, said the Head of UBK, Goran Nikolovski.

-Current analysis and research show that it is necessary to remove the propitiatory switches from UBK and their transfer at another place. The point is to remove it as an option and to offer a solution that will not allow this system to be misused – said Nikolovski.

In the past period, 4 models about how it could be done were analyzed. According to the first, the equipment would be transferred to the operators, the second model would include its dislocation at the Public Prosecution, the third would include an independent agency for controlling of this process while according to the fourth model, the equipment to stay at the operators, when it comes to wiretapping communications about criminal acts, and regarding issues concerning national security it should stay under the remain under the jurisdiction of UBK.

According to Nikolovski, the most acceptable model is the third i.e. forming an independent government agency, that will supervise the technical part of the communications monitoring.

This will become an operational-technical center that will not be gathering data i.e. it will not be wiretapping the communications but it will only be providing the signal or, as Nikolovski said, it will only click the button.

-They will be able to turn the signal on, but they won’t be able to listen – said the Head of UBK.