Voting at the referendum has begun this morning at which, according to a decision adopted by the Parliament, the citizens will have to decide upon the question “Do you support EU and NATO membership by accepting the deal between Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Greece?”.

The voting is unfolding without any problems except for the several minutes’ delay at three polling stations in Prilep and in Chucher Sandevo due to the removal of propaganda material.

The referendum will be consultative and 1.806.336 citizens that are registered in the Electoral Roll that was closed on the 10th of September, will have the right to cast their vote. The polling stations will be open up until 19h. The referendum is carried out at 3.480 polling stations in 80 municipalities.

The voting process will be monitored by a record number of domestic and foreign observers. SEC’s official numbers of accredited domestic observers is 11.907 and of foreign observers is 493 while international organizations have accredited 194 interpreters.