The Vevchani carnival is characterized by masks for pollution prevention and MPs’ expenditures


In Vevchani, today, starting at 14h with a procession, began the traditional carnival that dates 1400 years back in history. The celebration will finish tomorrow by burning the masks and with congratulations for the New Year according to the old calendar.

The current political happenings both domestically and abroad provided the inspiration for the people who wore creative and critical bearing masks in the procession. The colorful masks passed through the Gorna and Dolna maala, and apart from the August the stupid, the devils, the musicians, the bride, what stood apart was “Skopje 2025” about the pollution of the capital city, and there was a carnival group that mocked the MPs and their travel costs, the bilingualism, the happenings at the parliament, the rights of the LGBT community.

The Vevchani carnival attracted numerous tourists from abroad as there were visitors from Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey. Among the numerous tourists that visited Vevchani were politicians and diplomats from various foreign embassies.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture, Robert Alagjozovski, who said that this is the first time he is attending the Vevchani carnival either privately or officially.

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