The Public Prosecutor for Pursuing organized crime and corruption, Naum Panovski, at the start of the new trial process for the five men murder at the Smiljkovsko Lake stressed that the initial indictment of terrorism as of five years ago, i.e. that the accused six people have conducted a criminal act of terrorism.

Still, today’s hearing of the Monster case was postponed until 14 of March because Panovski read only one of the two indictments.

After Panovski read the indictment the defense attorney who represented part of the accused, Naser Raufi, who said that the second indictment for Sami Ljuta, who was arrested a year and a half after the other, was missing, and because of that the prosecutor at the time, Gordana Geshovska brought special charges against him. At the new trial, the Prosecution didn’t put technically the two indictments together which was the reason for today’s postponement.

The trial against the six accused of the five men murder at the Smiljkovsko Lake in Skopje that took place on the 12th of April 2012 was restarted from the beginning after the Supreme court rescinded the verdicts on the 24th of November.