Today’s trial against the member of Levica and the MP candidate, Mariglen Demiri, was canceled and the hearing is set for the 24th of January next year.

The judge Dobrila Kacarska of the Basic court I postponed the trial because the representative of the procurator was late to submit the evaluation of the damage caused by the breaking of the glass at the office of the president Gjorge Ivanov during the protests.

-The written notification by the procurator was sent yesterday. I didn’t receive it until 10 minutes before the trial. The last time, the hearing was delayed because you weren’t ready. The procurator is making additional expenditures for the court by delaying the hearings which at least is unserious – said judge Kacarska.

Demiri is accused of demolishing the president Gjorge Ivanov People’s office during the protests of the Colorful revolution this past spring. He is a candidate nominated by the Levica political party in the first electoral district.