The Supreme Court postponed the today’s session at which the judges were supposed to discuss the use of the bombs as evidence at trials and procedures and who will be able to submit requests for the protection of the legality.

According to the information provided by the Supreme Court, the session was delayed because some of the judges were on a hospital leave and the session will be held in a few days.

Otherwise, at the session’s agenda, there are two papers that were submitted by the president of the Supreme Court, Jovo Vangelovski, where the first one states whether the wiretapped conversations can be used in a trial as evidence or whether those are only indications. The second one refers to the lodging requests for the protection of the legality to the court i.e. whether the Special Public Prosecution has the right to submit requests such as this or whether the only one which has the right to do that is Marko Zvrlevski’s Public Prosecution.