B.S. (40) an employee at NLB bank, the day before yesterday afternoon, stole around 3 million euros from the bank’s vault by putting them in a bag and running away, he still hasn’t told the police where the money is.

The MOI has filed criminal charges against him for the theft, and he was remanded into a 30-day custody.

The employee was arrested 2 hours after the robbery and even though he was interrogated he didn’t want to tell authorities where the money is located. It is still unclear how he managed to exit the building unnoticed with a big bag full of money from the bank.

After the robbery, the bank’s General Manager said that the clients should not be worried about their money at the bank.

“All of our client’s assets are absolutely safe and clients should not be worry. The bank has taken all safety measures for all of its regular activities”, said Antonio Argir, the president of the managing board of NLB AD Skopje.