The State Secretary for the MOI, Anastasija Ilieska has been appointed the Director of the Public Revenue Office, confirmed the government for “Meta” correspondents.

“After appointing Kiril Minoski as Minister of Finance for the current position of the institution, the government has decided the Director of the Regional Unit of the PRO (Public Revenue Office) in Skopje, Petar Esmerov, to temporarily appoint him as acting director of the PRO. At the last session, the government named Anastasija Ilieska as Director of the PRO, and Peter Esmerov will continue in the position as Director of the regional unit of PRO Skopje”, said government spokesman Aleksander Georgiev.

Today, the agenda of the plenary session of Parliament is the proposal to amend the Law on Internal Affairs, where the key amendment would be the State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) will be appointed by the government, guided by the advice of the minister, instead of being selected by senior officials within the Ministry of Interior.