The Special Prosecution accused dozens of institutions of obstructing justice and being uncooperative


The Special Public Prosecutor has asked for a postponement in of the main court hearing in the “Putsch” case, as the court, even though the SPP had asked for copies of all evidence, it was not given to them, said a statement released by the SPP.
From the SPP, they say that not only in the “Putsch” case but the Basic Court Skopje 1 is making it hard for all cases the SPP have overtaken into their jurisdiction.

From there, they report that these institutions refuse to cooperate with this Public Prosecution, such as the Agency for Real Estate, the Security and Counterintelligence, the Department of Operational or Technical support (known as Fifth Board), the Unit for witness protection under the Interior Ministry,and the Municipality of Bitola, certain ministries and this list are attached and the Administrative Court, the public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje and the Public Prosecution for organized crime ad corruption.
Considering this situation and the continuing obstruction of the work of this Public Prosecutor’s Office said the SPP in response, they propose amendments to the Criminal Code by introducing a new crime – obstructing justice, which will be the head of crimes against the judiciary

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