The Shtip – Kochani Expressway is half a year late

The Shtip-Kochani Expressway will be finished in 2021. Up till now, 50 % of the construction work of the first stagee has been completed, and now preparatory works for the start of the construction of the second stage of this project are being carried out.


Instead of this month, as originally scheduled, , the first stage of the construction of the new expressway linking Stip – Kocani will be finished at the end of the year.

The Public Enterprise for State Roads say that they faced unresolved land expropriation and additional works that were not foreseen in the design phase, including the newly discovered archaeological sites on the route,  as well as the necessity to displacing installations along the route.

– The progress of the construction works is at around – states the Public Enterprise for State Roads in response to “Meta”. They emphasize that the inherited problems were solved, which intensified the construction work on the field. In parallel with this, the contract with the contractor of the second stage of the expressway for the second stage, between the village of Krupishte and Kochani, 14 kilometres was signed.

On thhe second section of this project there are now preparatory works which antecede the official start of the construction. The Public Enterprise for State Roads expects thath the Shtip – Kochani Expressway, with total length of 28 km, will be fully completed in 2021.

This route in the future will have four lanes, two driving lanes and two stopping lanes. The route of the new Shtip – Kochani road passes outside populated areas, which will reduce the duration of the trip and increase the traffic safety. The first stage of the expressway is being built by the Skopje “Granit”, while the section from Krupiste to Kocani will be constructed by the Chinese company “Sinohydro”.

After few delays, the  the works on theShtip – Kochani Expressway began late May 2017. The 38 million-euro project is being built with funds primarily from the loan by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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