The Russian Federation is continuously supporting the security and the stability of the Republic of Macedonia as an independent, sovereign and territorially integral state, said the announcement of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Macedonia.

In the announcement, it was stressed that the embassy is convinced that the exit from the difficult internal-political crisis that is happening in Macedonia can be found only within the frame of the current constitution, on the basis of the recognized norms of a democratic society.

“All efforts for interference in this process from outside, in order to impose all kinds of solutions despite the will of the people in Macedonia is very dangerous and has to be rejected by the international community. The principles of the sovereign equality of the states, the non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries are of a universal character and their disrespect presents a violation of the international law. We consider as counterproductive the speculations by certain politicians who are searching for reasons for the internal-political crisis in Macedonia in the rivalry between the great powers. Such remarks are similar to the irresponsible claims by certain militant politicians who recently have put the Republic of Macedonia in the line of fire between Washington and Moscow”, said the announcement.

The Russian Embassy condemns “all efforts by external forces that are misusing the factor of the complicated inter-ethnic relations for their own vicious purposes” and think that they are very dangerous for the state and that they are harming the interests of Republic of Macedonia and the interests of collaboration and stability in the region.