The ruling party and the opposition in North Macedonia disagree on the proposed BRT for Skopje


After four months in “the parliamentary labyrinths”, Government’s draft law for taking a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for construction of two Bus Rapid Transit lines in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, yesterday finally passed through the Financing and Budget Committee’s filters.

The Government finalized the draft-law for rapid bus transit (RBT) in mid-November last year, and now it will be included into one of the forthcoming parliamentary sessions.

During the debate in the parliamentary Committee for Financing and the Budget, the opposition MPs stated they are opposed to the option to indebt the country for the introduction of the “Tramcar on wheels” project in Skopje. VMRO-DPMNE considers that Macedonia has other priorities that have to be covered by indebting the country in the midst of an economic crisis.

Before any activity for the construction of the first RBT line from Novo Lisiche to Gjorche Petrov could start, the proposed law should be adopted by the parliament and then the Loan Agreement has to be signed with EBRD. Meta.mk already informed that the loan has to also cover the basic project with the accompanying documentation for the bus rapid transit.

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