The Croatian service for checking facts “Faktograf” in one of latest columns is analyzing the issue with the false prize contest started by chain of supermarkets “Konzumm: in Croatia. By offering coupns for purchasing at the supermarkets fans are lured at the Facebook pages and their personal data is collected even though Konzum on its official Facebook page has issued a warning that it is a fraud and not their prize contest, informs Faktograf.

There is an almost identical type of a fraud in Bosnia and Hercoegovina and the Bosnian service for checking facts and fighting false news named “Raskrinkavanje” wrote about it. In this case, it is a false prize contest started by the Croatian air travel copany Croatia Airlines which alegedly is giving away two air tickets. Behind this “action for the copany’s 30th anniversary” are actually ordinary con men that want to gather personal data of the gullible. Unlike the fraud in Croatia, in this case there are two false web-pages and

“Our effort to open them with the Chrome browser, the program immediately warned us that this is a Phishing site” wrote “Paskrinkavanje”.