The high level of pollution in the air in the last two months was decreased as a result of the rain falls and the wind. Almost all of the Ministry for environment’s measure stations are indicating a lower presence of cancerous PM10-pparticles and PM 2,5-particles.

The only station that is indicating a middle level of pollution is the one in Bitola.

Last night at the center of Skopje, at 10 pm, 300 micrograms of PM10 particles were measured per cubic meter, and this morning there were 22 micrograms out of permitted 50 micrograms. In Karposh and in Lisiche, at 10 pm there was  8 times higher pollution i.e. 400micrograms, and this morning the presence of toxic microparticles was decreased to 12 micrograms per one cubic meter.

Yesterday, at 11 pm, at Gazi Baba there was a concentration of 350 micrograms of particles per one cubic meter, and this morning this number has decreased to 50 i.e. on the edge of the permitted limit.

In Kumanovo last night, the pollution was five times above the normal, and this morning the concentration of cancerous particles is 20 micrograms. The situation is similar in Tetovo, where last night there were 150 micrograms of particles per one cubic meter and this morning its presence was decreased to 20 micrograms.

Last week in Skopje, during the night hours, the pollution was reaching even up to 700 micrograms per cubic meter which is 14 times higher than the recommended 50 micrograms.