In the period 20th – 26th of July, the Public Health Institute of North Macedonia has registered a decrease in the number of newly infected and deceased persons. Also, there was an increase in the number of recovered persons compared to the previous week. What is evident when comparing age groups is that a larger number of infections were registered in the age group between 40 and 49.

During that period, a total number of 9.563 tests were conducted (1.402 more than the period between 13-19 July) and 956 positive COVID-19 cases were registered. It’s 82 cases less than the previous week. During this period, only 10% of the people were tested as positive. Newly infected cases were registered in 29 cities and most of them are located in Skopje (37.3% – a slight decrease compared to the previous week) and Shtip (16.1 %, a slight increase compared to the previous week). In 17 cities, during the same period.

The number of newly infected cases remained below 20.