The prosecution asks for the annulment of the verdicts and a new trial for the “Monster” case


Today, the Public Prosecutor, Liljana Spasoska, at today’s public session of the “Monster” case in the Supreme Court asked for the annulment of the verdicts of the Criminal and Appellate Courts and the case be returned for a retrial.

The Supreme Court in a public session today reviewed the appeals of the six convicts who were given life sentences imposed by the Basic Court Skopje 1, which were confirmed by the Skopje’s Court of Appeals.

Spasoska’s request, who is also the acting Head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, replacing Marko Zvrlevski when he was dismissed, is due to an “uncertain factual situation”, but also because of the possible existence of wiretapped conversations owned by the Special Prosecutor’s Office and who could change the course of the hearing, reports “Television 24 “.

The prosecutor also asked the court to consider the appeals of the sentenced defendants for the murder of five people at Smilkovsko Lake, who today, before the Supreme Court, rejected the accusations that they were the executors of the massacre and again claimed their innocence.

According to the lawyers of the sentenced defendants, there is no evidence that they are the perpetrators of the murders, and the verdicts of the Criminal and Appellate Court are biased and unfair. The defense has also noted the testimony of a protected witness, who, according to lawyers, is contradictory.

They also pointed out that, according to the judicial expertise, the time of the victims’ death could not be accurately determined, and the witnesses did not recognize the defendants.

Alil Demiri, Afrim and Agim Ismailovic, Ezim and Haki Aziri and Samil Ljuta were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of five people at Smiljkovo Lake. The massacre near Smilkovo Lake occurred on April 12, 2012, on Good Thursday, before the great Christian holiday Easter, when the boys Kire Trickovski, Filip Slavkovski, Cvetancho Ackovski, Aleksandar Nakevski and fisherman Borce Stefanovski were murdered.

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