In the afternoon at about 13:20 pm, a person fired a gun from a balcony on the street Naroden Front in the neighbourhood Kapistec, it s already believed probably committed suicide confirmed for the Ministry of Interior (MOI). They still say inspect and now know that the person is found dead in the apartment.

Some of the media reported from unofficially sources that the person shot at, apparently, is one of 56 pardoned abolirani President Gjorge Ivanov.

“Meta” sources unofficially say that the person whose lifeless body was found in the apartment was that of cancelled Kosta. Of those who were granted pardons by the President, the only one with this name is owner of the portal “Netpress” Kosta Krpach.

The MOI told “Meta” that the person was found with a gunshot wound to the chest. Beside the body was found the weapon was found, probably the same gun fired.

This afternoon people reported a shooting in downtown Skopje. Police teams are heading out to the scene, they also said that their was a damaged van in the shooting.