The parliamentary majority will not leave Parliament until a new Speaker is elected


This afternoon, MPs of the parliamentary majority, led by SDSM, stayed in the plenary hall of Parliament after the chairman, Trajko Veljanoski, stopped today’s 20th continuation of its session. MPs from SDSM, DUI, Besa and the Albanian Alliance refused to leave the hall and demanded that a new Parliament Speaker be elected.

In the hall, VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs were present, who, as they say, will remain to guard the Constitution and the Parliament’s Rules and Regulations. The MPs demanded a vote for the election of a new Parliament Speaker, and VMRO-DPMNE are demanding new early parliamentary elections.

The mood in Parliament began to heat up, especially in the last hour of today’s session after MPs from SDSM arose from their seats and their colleague, Oliver Spasovski demanded they vote for passing on the fourth item from the agenda – the election of a new Parliament Speaker.

“I seek a support of 10 MPs, but not from 10 but from everyone from the majority to rise up and to be seen by the citizens. This proposal should be put to the vote and Parliament should decide how to proceed with its work”,  said Spasoski

There was a procedural reaction by Ilija Dimovski and Krsto Mukoski, who at one point from the rostrum began singing the Macedonian anthem, to which everyone stood up.

After he sang the national anthem, MPs from SDSM began shouting “let’s vote” while MPs from VMRO-DPMNE shouted “elections, elections.”

Just before Veljanoski stopped today’s continuation of the constitutive session, Zekjirija Ibrahimi sang a part of the Albanian anthem.

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