The Committee on Procedural, Mandate and Immunity Related Issues, with five votes “for” and without abstention or votes “against”, approved the request from the court and came to the decision to propose to Parliament that the immunity be revoked from MPs Sašo Vasilevski, Ljuben Arnaudov, Krsto Mukoski , Johan Tarchulovski, Ljupco Dimovski and Žaklina Peshevska.

At the commission hearing, members of VMRO-DPMNE did not attend, including Tarculovski and Mukoski, who were also part of this parliamentary body.

The discussion regarding the decision on this point lasted briefly and the only one who applied to speak was the MP from the ruling majority, Aleksandar Kiracovski, who said that the violence in Parliament on April 27th was an attack on democracy and was an attempt to endanger the lives of MPs.

The Commission is obliged to submit the report from the session to the Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, within two days, who, in turn, must schedule a plenary session.

Meta has discovered from the parliamentary services, that the plenary session is most likely to take place tomorrow.