The Parliament has passed a bill for ending the broadcasting fee, that was proposed with a short procedure. 70 MPs voted in favor of the changes in the Law for audio and audio-visual media services and there were no votes against or neutral.

Since this law is passed with the Badentier’s majority, the ending of the broadcasting fee was supported by 20MPs of the non-majority communities.

The coordinator of SDSM’s MP group, Tomislav Tuntev, said that with this decision, the citizens will be freed of an unnecessary fee, and on the other hand it will increase the efficiency of the “Macedonian Radio-Television” National Broadcasting Service.

According to the law, the income that the MRTV was receiving through this fee, will be financed from the state budget in an amount of 0,5% of the value of the budget annually. for this purpose, it is necessary to provide 885 million of denars annually from the state budget for the year 2018. apart from the budget, MRTV will be financed with other assets i.e. from incomes from the cable network operators and from incomes from the sale of the program that was produced at MRT.

Previously, the MPs at the Parliament had adopted a law for redundant workers that will allow to approximately 3000 people, monthly payments in the amount of 8.356 denars. Yesterday, the law for a minimum wage of 12.000 denars was also adopted.