Image by IndiraFoto from Pixabay

The building of passenger transportation terminals in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, will have to wait for the new Master Urban Plan for 2022-2032. The popular Park & Ride terminals were promised a decade ago, but until today, the entrance terminals in Skopje which would have allowed the visitors to park their vehicles there and then travel wit  a city or suburban bus line, bicycle or railway, weren’t built.

The Skopje Town Hall stated for that the prerequisite for the construction of the passenger transportation terminals is the Study for the new network of city and suburban bus lines on the territory of Skopje. At the moment, this Study is being evaluated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Also, the city authorities say that this project is directly linked with the new Master Urban Plan (MUP) for Skopje,  and at the moment, for that sake, an evaluation of the Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility for a long-range vision of the urban transportation, which is financed by EU’s IPA funds, is Underway.

“With the Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility, we are hoping we shall have the foundation for the construction of the Park & Ride parking terminals,” said the City of Skopje for