The Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia (GIM) will be remaking and amending the determined flaws and omissions in the project documentation for the Kichevo – Ohrid documentation. As it is stated in the publish Contract of the Electronic System for Public Procurement, the Public Enterprise for State Roads will provide 2,3 million euros in order for the project’s documentation to be finished which will open the door to finishing the building of the highway which has a length of 57 km.

-The planned time period for the preparation of the documentation will be 12 months after the Contract has been concluded – said the Public Enterprise for Public Roads’ representative for

The preparation of the project’s documentation is divided into three phases due to practicality and continuous building of the highway. The Contract with GIM was signed on the 4th of September this year.

Parallel to the process of finishing the project’s documentation, the building of those segments within the highway that aren’t problematic will continue. The Chinese builder “Sinohidro” has a deadline until the 30th of June 2021 to finish the building of the highway. The amount of the investment in this project is 598 million euros.