Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash

Guild Wars 2 is one of the best MMOs at the moment although the game is basically buy to play (you buy it once and don’t pay a monthly fee) the basic version is Free To Play. Although there are two expansions so far Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire the newest expansion was just announced called End of Dragons and there was a whole live stream about the news:

The expansion is planned to come out in 2022 in February, but soon in august beta tests will start for the Alliance Feature for World vs World. And the new elite specializations will be uncovered stream by stream.  

Guild Wars 2 was one of the most enthusiastically awaited games back when Guild Wars 1 had a big population of players. Even with the last expansion GWEN there was a system with prizes(skins of armor and weapons, mini pets, titles) for the Guild Wars 1 players that were unlocked with a huge number of achievements and collections and were rewarded in Guildwars 2, that system was called Hall of Monuments (HOM) and it’s still active, and for a wonder there are still a lot of players on Guild Wars 1 that trade in city of Kamadan and organize in alliances where they group to play together-at the moment they mostly play elite missions. The first expansion of Guild Wars 1 called Factions was set on the continent of Cantha the same location where the expansion End of Dragons for Guild Wars 2 will also be set-it was a continent with fantasy Chinese and Japanese themes. 

Guild Wars 2 looks modern and has very solid graphics, from the moment it came out up until now it’s always in the top 10 MMOs at the official gaming sites. One of the most main features of the game is that with every new expansion there is no change in the level cap, max level is 80 and stays 80 for each new expansion, unlike some other game where the gear you’ve gotten so far is outdated and there’s a new level cap and new gear to get. If you’ve made the ascended armor in Guildwars 2 the advantages stay for the next expansion also. Although the level scales between different areas, you can see the difference of having good gear by the damage. 

While the verticality of Maguuma Jungle in Heart of Thorns brought new stuff like gliding with wings, and Path of Fire brought mounts to the game, End Of Dragons also brings a lot of new things. Each expansion also offers new elite specializations that are previously not available weapons for the given professions. For now we know of two new weapons namely the Messmer gets the dagger and the Necro gets the pistol.

The new expansion End of Dragons offers a few new masteries, riding boats, fishing not only in Cantha but everywhere where there is water in the previous expansions, multiplayer mount-The Siege Turtle (a big turtle that can carry two players) and 10 new legendary weapons from the third generation of legendaries. Also there will be a graphics upgrade so instead of DirectX 9 the game will use Direct X 11. The game is also supported and playable on GeForce Now.