The New Year is full of uncertainty and insecurity for the export for Macedonian companies


For Macedonian companies the New Year brings the prospects of uncertainty, and insecurity for exports to overseas markets. For the domestic market, the impact of consumerism is diminishing in the Macedonian home market, as for the international situation, global developments are slowing down, with more negatives, such as the influence of growth in China and the European embargo that is in force against Russia. The President of the Association of Metallurgy at the Chamber of Commerce, Mitko Kocovski, said that the metallurgical industry have to work more just to receive the bare minimum in return, also efficiency is a problem. Export orders for next year are uncertain due to various developments in the global market.

” China’s economic activity has slowed, and the embargo on the Russian market will continue into the new year. Obtaining loans is uncertain creating negative effects and cuts in production.” Kocovski said.

During the same period textile companies will be working at full strength, and that’s how it will be for the coming year, the President of the Textile Cluster, Marijana Perkovska says it is difficult to tell what the new year will bring.

“Orders are on a month to month basis, but depend on both political and economical situations of the countries where textiles exported to, Perkovska added that is a good sign that Europe is turning again to the Balkan countries as suppliers. Marta Naumovska Grnarova of ” Zavar Dizajn, a company that exports 85% of its output, says demand is shrinking and completion is increasing, therefore working conditions will not be easier.

“There is no reason for to expect things to improve. The outlook for the industry is not an easy one, but the sooner we understand that, react to it, and adapt to the new circumstances, we will be prepared to handle the competition” Ms Naumovski Grnarova added.

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