New wastewater treatment plants will save rivers in North Macedonia from more than half of the produced sewage


On the occasion of the World Water Day, the 22nd of March, Meta.mk reminds that 2021 is the year when the tender procedures should be completed and the building of the long time promised wastewater treatment plants in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo will start. With their construction, over 50% of the urban wastewater created in Macedonia will no longer be discharged without treatment into the rivers and the sewage will not be the main cause of bacteriological and chemical pollution of the river waters.

The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning informed Meta.mk that by the end of 2021, the finalization of both agreements for the building of wastewater treatment plants in Bitola and Tetovo, which will be financed with IPA funds from the European Union, is expected.

The wastewater treatment plant in Bitola is expected to process the wastewater from Bitola and its surrounding areas that at the moment are discharged unprocessed into the river Dragor and the Fifth channel. The project is financed by EU’s IPA 2 Program and is worth €27.8 million. It will enable processing of the urban wastewater in this municipality.

In Tetovo, on the other hand, near the village Falishe, a wastewater treatment plant will be built worth €30 million The situation is identical to the one in Bitola, whereby at the end of this year the most favorable bidder that will be building the capital object will be selected and who also has to provide secondary treatment for urban wastewater in Tetovo and its surroundings. In this way, the sewage will not be discharged directly into the river Vardar.

This would mean that by 2024, the discharge of feces into the rivers Vardar and Dragor from these two cities should stop.

Despite the fact that Tetovo and Bitola are two of the biggest cities in Macedonia, the solving of the issue with urban wastewater is a burning issue for the capital Skopje. The start of the building of the wastewater treatment plant in the capital city was postponed for several months and instead of toward the end of this year, it is supposed to start in June 2022. This strategically important facility which should be located near the village of Trubarevo, in the future it will be processing the sewage from over 500.000 citizens living in the capital. The project which is worth €136 million should make it possible for the wastewater processing station in Skopje to start working in 2028.

With these three capital projects in Skopje, Bitola, and Tetovo, the urban sewage of over 700.000 Macedonian citizens will be processed and the biggest benefit from this is the improvement of the quality of river waters. This is especially important for the river Vardar in its upper course where currently its waters are bacteriologically and chemically classified in the worst possible categories.

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