President Pendarovski, was presented the letter of credence from the newly appointed US Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes, and with it, she has officially taken up her duty.

In addressing the attendees, President Pendarovski wished the new Ambassador a successful taking up her duty, and stated that her appointment, since she is well acquainted with the region and this country, is “another confirmation of the great political relations and the fruitful collaboration between two friendly states”.

-The marking of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations next year should give an additional impulse for further strengthening of the strategic partnership and the political dialogue between our friendly countries including the deepening of the cooperation in all remaining areas. Allow, during this occasion, to express the great gratitude for the continuous and firm support that the United States of America provides to our country from the very beginning of our independence. This support that was expressed mostly in the accomplishment of our strategic goals – the complete integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures and organizations, isn’t just a proof of a firm friendship but an instigation and encouragement for successful confrontation with all challenges in today’s world full with constant changes – said Pendarovski, who also expressed his conviction that in the US’ support for the country will continue in the future.

The newly appointed US Ambassador stated that she is pleased to take over the duty during this significant period for both countries when it is expected Macedonia to become a fully fledged member of NATO.

-It gives me the utmost pleasure to start my mandate during this key period in the relations of our two countries. We impatiently await, by the end of the year, to wish North Macedonia a welcome as NATO’s 30th member. As allies, our relations are getting stronger, more related through our joint strive for peace, security, and prosperity in the region and wider.

We expect you to join us and we are continuing to work on the basis of already built tight pillars and the tradition of partnership. We have been working together for more than 25 years and we have managed to accomplish plenty in the promotion of our goals – to see North Macedonia completely integrated into the Western institutions and completely dedicated to our joint values – democracy, individual freedom, and the rule of law. Our two countries are stronger because of our collaboration – said Kate Marie Byrnes.

She stressed that she is eager to learn more about the country

-Personally, I look forward to tasting the beauties and the variety of North Macedonia and to learn more about your dynamic culture, about the traditions and the history of your country. I will look for opportunities to share the culture of the United States and for building bridges between the citizens of both countries – said the US Ambassador during the ceremony.