The new LPG gas-powered eco-buses, produced by the German company MAN, have hit the streets of Skopje today. The city authorities inform that the drivers of the new buses, which will service the lines No 2, 5, 15, and 57, have been properly trained by a certified driver-instructor from Croatia.

A single eco-bus can save up to 25.000 EUR in fuel costs annually i.e. compared to the amount spent by the old diesel buses, these buses consume two times less fuel, which additionally will lower the public transport enterprise JSP’s expenses, and at the same time they lower the pollution with its very low emission of CO2 gasses.

The City of Skopje also informs that the Chinese diesel buses that were acquired 8 years ago were too costly and have been breaking down every day, and for years JSP-Skopje has been having problems due to a lack of an authorized representative in the country, and as a result, there was a lack of bus servicing and technical support.

As for the passengers, the new buses will provide greater comfort, taking into account that the number of seats and space for standing in these buses is twice as much compared to the Chinese doubledecker buses. The new articulated eco-buses that hit the streets today can take twice more passengers compared to the Chinese models. A single articulated bus costs 334.500 EUR, while the A low-floor single-decker costs 268.900 EUR, informs the City of Skopje.

At the moment, there are 25 new eco-buses on the streets of Skopje that run on gas. Out of 25, 20 are A low-floor single-decker and 5 are articulated, and during this month, the remaining 8 buses are expected to arrive.