By the end of February, the government will decide whether to build a new clinical centre. From there, they did not want to disclose whether the Clinical Center will be built on a new location or the new facility will be built with the existing hospitals.

“The deadline for the construction of the new facility will be 3.5 years and an additional 1.5 years for the reconstruction of the existing building at the surgical clinics. The value of this project is 120 million euros, of which 70 million euros are a loan, the rest of the funding is from the budget. In the new facility, 21 clinics will be incorporated, and the existing current locations will remain clinics for childhood diseases, cardiology, infectious, maxillofacial”, said Bosnjakovski and added that the government’s decision will start the process of realization.

He added that now more options are being considered, but they will select what is best for the citizens, both in terms of patients and in terms of spending their money.