Ohrid next year will be counting on a budget of 18 million euros. The municipal council has approved the development plan for 2016.
To the governing majority of VMRO-DPMNE, it is functional and a sustainable budget, and will leave space for budget opportunities that will not create a new debt, and will be able to cover the old debts.

“With this concept of the budget, with numerous activities and projects, Mayor Bakracheki and this administration are careful to find an adequate number of funds where the Municipality of Ohrid can cover old debts, which is very important”, explains the Secretary of the Municipality, Dimitar Spaseski.
SDSM, meanwhile, the new budget is completely undeveloped and would not bring anything new to Ohrid.

“VMRO-DPMNE and the Mayor Nikola Bakracheski have not developed a vision for Ohrid, and citizens have know that for a long time. The Advisory Group to SDSM with its coalition partners continually says that we are obliged even today to point out that the budget for 2016 will do nothing to bring change. Мајоr Bakracheski and VMRO-DPMNE without vision, will continue for next year, 2016”, says Jovan Stojanovski, Coordinator of the Group of SDSM.