The repeating of the truth several times in order for the readers and the viewers can differentiate what is fake news and what is not, at the moment is the only way by which the politicians can fight against fake news, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev during today’s press conference at the government with the Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic. Among the many topics discussed special attention was given to the fight against fake news.
-Fake news can destroy the integrity, the honor, and the dignity of one person, of a whole family even to make enemies of countries that are friends – said Zaev.

He stressed that the world has problems with fake news and an institutional solution to fight them has to be found.

-Critical journalism has to exist, since it is very healthy for a democracy, unlike the fake news that destroys it. In our country, the journalist associations began working on the registry of portals but so far the most serious tool in the fight against fake news is the truth – said Zaev.

The Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic stressed that fake news is a phenomenon and an issue in these modern times, the modern media and the social networks that the whole world fights against.

-Fake news waste a lot of time and energy. There is always a dilemma whether to deal with fake news and to explain what it’s all about or to do something that is in the benefit of citizens which in the end is also your work. The citizens have chosen you and they are paying you. I think it is better to do something beneficial like the opening of „One stop shop“ at Tabanove – Preshevo that can improve people’s lives and that to trust that citizens will be able to conclude what is real and what is fake news – said Brnabic.

She also said that while there is still a large number of initiatives, joint projects, and good ideas, direct communication, visits from both sides, that will give a more clear picture about the inter-relations between both countries than fake news.

In the past period since the case Racket broke out, a lot of disinformation appeared in the Serbian media related to this case.