The member of the Judiciary Council, Zoran Teoflovski reported voluntarily at the Criminal Court in Skopje and has made a judiciary immunity claim. He is under investigation that he has misused his position and has illegally legalized a property. The Basic Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption confirmed this information stressing that the preliminary proceeding judge has postponed the hearing in order to address the Judicial Council and request cancelling his immunity.

“As soon as we receive the information about Judicial Council’s decision, the procedure will continue” informs the prosecution’s press release.

The Judicial Council will have an urgent session and its members will have to decide about Judge Teofilovski’s immunity in a period of 24 hours since the receipt of the case.

Teofilovski is a prime suspect in an investigation against 8 persons who are suspected of felony of misuse of position and authorities.The prosecution is charging Teofilovski for illegal legalization of a tennis court at the former Tennis Sports Association Ljuboten in Tetovo where he was its president.