Information last night reported by the BBC World Service, claiming that a Macedonian citizen was detained a few days ago in Germany with a car full of weapons, today was immediately denied by German authorities.

According to the Bavarian police, the foreign national they arrested in a vehicle “golf” had found a hidden bunker carrying a full arsenal of automatic weapons, grenades and explosives, was actually from Montenegro, and the vehicle’s registration plate were from this country.

The Montenegrin National was arrested on November the 5th, eight days before the tragic events in Paris, near the town of Rosenheim, which is the highway leading from Germany to Austria. In a routine check, which is common in the border region because of the increased numbers of refugees, the police discovered a secret compartment in the vehicle floor, where there were eight machine guns “Kalashnikov”, two hand grenades, a revolver and 200 grams of TNT explosives.

The driver of the vehicle was a 51-year-old citizen of Montenegro, who is now in the hands of the Bavarian investigators and is defending himself with silence.