The majority of young people would emigrate to a foreign country with higher taxes


7 out of 10 North Macedonian citizens aged between 18-24 would want to pay higher taxes and to live abroad, while the elderly would want to pay lower taxes and to remain to live in North Macedonia, shows the new study conducted by the Center for Economic Analyses (CEA) about the tax morality expressed through the tax payers’ profile.

The results show that the citizens up to their 40s prefer to leave the country and to pay higher taxes elsewhere.

“The citizens aged over 40 prefer lower taxes and to remain in North Macedonia. This shows resignation and that these persons are satisfied with the conditions in North Macedonia. Even in such conditions in North Macedonia, they wouldn’t be paying higher taxes for the improvement of conditions since they don’t expect that by increasing the taxes they would receive a high quality or better public service, but that this money will be inadequately spent again” showed the research.

Regarding ethnicity, the research showed that the central government’s tax payment system is best known to taxpayers of Macedonian ethnicity while the tax payment system collected by the local authorities is mostly clear to taxpayers of Albanian ethnicity.

Most of the taxpayers of Macedonian ethnicity and the others think that the level of corruption in the central and local governments hasn’t changed compared to 5 years ago against the taxpayers of Albanian ethnicity who consider that the level of corruption in the state is higher than 5 years ago.

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