The Macedonian Embassy in Oslo, Norway, owes the city over 1,500 euros for unpaid parking fines for illegal parking. The Norwegian portal “Osloby”, is the online portal to the prestigious newspaper “Aftenposten”. They have reported that the Macedonian Embassy is the seventh of the world’s Embassies in Norway with the highest unpaid parking fines.

Citing information from the tax office in Oslo, “Osloby” notes that the debt of the unpaid parking fines from the Macedonian Embassy is 15.150 Norwegian krone, or approximately 1,560 euros. In the list of the top 10 diplomatic missions who have been hiding behind their diplomatic immunity and have not yet paid their illegal parking fines are Georgia, Morocco, Vietnam, Iraq, China, Sudan, Pakistan, Iran and Israel.

Failure to pay parking fines seems to be a long time habit of the Macedonian Embassy. Writing on the same topic in 2013 about parking fines and hiding behind diplomatic statuses,the newspaper “Aftenposten” notes that the Macedonian embassy was fourth among all embassies then according to unpaid fines. Then Macedonia owed 21.150 Norwegian krone due to illegal parking.

According to the official website of the Municipality of Oslo, the penalty for illegal parking in the capital city is 500 krone.

Officials in Oslo have faced problems with world diplomats for a long period of time. Diplomats over the years have been using their diplomatic immunity to avoid paying traffic penalties for illegal parking and traffic accidents around the Norwegian capital.

Officials in Oslo long period face problems due to world diplomats who hide behind diplomatic immunity to avoid paying fines for traffic offences like illegal parking and traffic accidents around the Norwegian capital.