The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA) published a Linguistic Atlas of Macedonian Dialects, with 50 dialectic maps that cover the Macedonian dialects territory represented through the network of the populated places within the frame of the General Slavic Linguistic Atlas (OLA).

“With this international project, for the first time in the Slavic linguistics, according to a unique program and transcription, all Slavic languages and their dialects are researched over the vast territories they occupy on the European continent” said MASA.

The hope is that this atlas will find its place not only with the scientific, but also with the wider readership, and will contribute to clear out certain processes in the development of the Macedonian dialects’ lexicography.

“The goal of this Atlas is to portray the lexicographical richness and variety of Macedonian dialects, as well as to determine to what extent they connect with the Slavic language continuum” stressed the Academy.

The General Slavic Linguistic Atlas is one of the projects by the International Committee of Slavists and has an international, multilateral character and 13 national academies of sciences and/or institutes from all Slavic countries. OLA’s atlases evidence the results of 3.454 dialect issues collected from over 850 populated locations over the whole Slavic linguistic territory where the Macedonian territory participates with 24 locations.