The draft of the Law on Public Prosecution that was adopted by the Government and starting from today it is in a committee debate at the Parliament.

The authorities said that the decision about the draft law guarantees that “all legal processes that were under the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecution for pursuing criminal acts that are related or have resulted from the content of the illegal wiretapping are allocated among the public prosecutions for further processing in accordance with the authorizations determined by this law in order to receive legal outcomes at authorized courts, through a professional and fair procedure, based on evidence.

VMRO-DPMNE remains adamant that they will not give support for this law because “Zaev wants to prolong the amnesty of the crimes where the wiretapped conversations will not be valid for him and his closest associates, but they will for others.”

Whether the government has secured the majority of votes will be known on the day of voting even though it has the support of the minor parties. The message from the European Union is that this law is not a condition, but it will be good if it is adopted before the Summit in Zagreb takes place during which there are high hopes that Macedonia will receive a date for starting the negotiations.