The interim Minister of Interior Nakje Chulev, has called upon the interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski to call for a government session to solve the problem with the passports.

He suggests that the government should adopt a method, with a stamp and by sending a note to the countries worldwide, by which the validity of the passports will be prolonged up until the moment when the new passports arrive.

“I’ve been a minister for one month and these issues were inherited as a result of a bad planning and Oliver Spasovki’s incompetence for which an internal investigation was conducted and criminal charges were pressed” said Chulev at today’s press conference when he answered a question about who is responsible regarding the problem with the lack of passport booklets.

At a press conference, the interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski also said that the government is considering many options, and the details will be revealed whenever they can come up with a sustainable solution.

“A week ago an information was submitted to the Government about the situation with the passports. I think that with a better management, better ways of functioning inside the institution, more efforts on burning issues rather than irrelevant issues wouldn’t have led to a crisis such as this one. I had several similar situations such as this during this period, but the public didn’t have any problems regarding the passports and the issuing of other personal documents” said Spasovski.