The request for accountability of President Gjorge Ivanov which was submitted by the Parliamentary Group SDSM has been signed so far by 52 MPs, which is enough to start the procedure of impeachment.

According to the parliamentary group of the opposition, the motion for the impeachment of Ivanov has been signed by MPs from the SDSM and their coalition partners, 16 MPs from DUI, independent MPs, Liliana Popovska from DOM and Pavle Trajanov from the Democratic Alliance.

The signatures so far, are enough to start the parliamentary procedure, but for impeachment, two-thirds of a majority vote is needed, or in this case, 82 votes are necessary for this initiative to have a positive outcome.

The SDSM submitted their request on April 13, and the President of Parliament is responsible for this initiative. He is responsible for forming a commission and after seven days after its formation the commission must submit a report.

Parliament would have to meet within seven days since the report has been filed.

MPs will have to discuss the motion, and at the session the President can respond in writing or he can address MPs in person.