The Public Enterprise for State roads will finish the 10 service roads and the key juntion ner Sveti Nikole on the highway from Miladinovci – Shtip. The construction company “Granit” was chosen to finish the completion of the construction works at the highway that were not part of the project previously according to which the Chinese construction company “Sinohidro” was building this part of the road. The service roads will ease the access for the local population and it will be able to access the highway or the closest locations. The issue with the Water economy’s pipes for irrigation of the field will also be solved and with this tender the side roads around the interjunction near Sveti Nikole will also be finished.

As it was stated in the published Agreement at the Electronic system for public procurements, the contractor will be paid over 355 million denars (5.7 million euros) for the completion of the construction works on the highway from Miladinovci to Shtip. It was stated that the building of the planned side roads in the forthcoming period will not stop the traffic along this highway and at the building sites, there will be a time traffic regime.

Apart from this tender, there is an additional call for a tender entry for the building of the two paytoll stations “Kadrifakovo” and “Preod”. The submissions are underway and the EBRD’s expectations are that the building will start from the 1st of October this year as soon as a constructor is chosen.

The highway between Miladinovci – Shtip was officially opened on the 6th of July, and the citizens began using the road a month earlier. The total amount of the building of this highway was 177.3 million euros.