The health of the ten migrants who sewed their lips has worsened. They took this course of action in protest because police did not let them cross the Greek-Macedonian border. Yesterday they did not eat or drink water. Today, there has been no new cases reported.

Economic migrants from Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, and Morocco for almost a week now have been missed out because priority is given to refugees who come from war torn countries.

Larger group of migrants, naked from waist up, have been chanting “Open the borders” and demand the same treatment as the Syrians and Afghans.

Teams from the Ministry of Interior on the southern border near Gevgelija yesterday registered and issued certificates to 1.814 migrants who entered the country from Greece, which is about four times less compared to the number of certificates that were issued the previous day, when police registered 5979 certificates.

According to citizenship, yesterday it was confirmed that most issued certificates were to refugees from Afghanistan (839 ), followed by Syria (767) and Iraq (208).

Greek media reported this morning that in the past three days, from Sunday on the island of Lesbos no migrants have arrived from Turkey. The newspaper “Kathimerini” said the situation is linked with the current policy implemented by the countries of the so-called West Balkan route, including Macedonia that only allow a flow of migrants coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Some of the media, however, have said that the reason for “freezing” the flow of migrants going to Lesbos thas come at the worst time due to the bad conditions in the Aegean Sea.

Nonetheless, today, a few hours after the first reports, Greek media reported that this morning in Lesbos more ships arrived again carrying a several thousand migrants/refugees.

According to the Ministry of Interior, from the 19th of June, when amendments came into force on the Law of Asylum, as of yesterday, it was concluded that a total of 278,120 migrants registered by the police has crossed through Macedonia. In the same time period, however, some remained in the country 76 migrants wanted to stay and who actually applied for the grant of asylum.