The Government is proposing and is not instructing the Constitutional Court to stop the procedure for assessing the constitutionality of Article 175 of the Law on Electronic Communications, which enables the Administration for Security and Counter-Intelligence (UBK) to wiretap directly through telecommunications operators, explains government spokesman , Mile Bosnjakovski.

According to him, such a proposal to the Constitutional Court is because a systematic solution to the problems of monitoring communications is already being worked out, ie draft laws that will cover the issues are already being prepared.

“Of course, the Constitutional Court, does not have to obey the Government’s opinion”, he said.

When asked by reporters why the Government are leaving room for UBK to illegally wiretap, he said that illegal wiretapping is not in the current government’s mandate, and if anybody dares to abuse the management capacities, they will bear the responsibility .

According to the government information service, domestic and international experts are working on new legal solutions, and the civil society and other experts, as well as citizens, will be involved in the debate on the proposed changes.

“The procedure will be conducted with extreme transparency, and new proposals for legal solutions will soon be presented to the public”, said Bosnjakovski.