The Government of Macedonia expressed its surprise because of the criticism expressed by the President of the AJM, Naser Selmani who said that the current government has tendencies that resemble the behavior of the previous governments.

Apparently, while replying to a question about today’s statement by Minister Damjan Manchevski, when he attended Metamorphosis’ “E-society” press conference, that the government mustn’t act as a driving engine of the reforms in the media sphere and the draft bill for audio and audiovisual services, AJN’s president said that the politicians mustn’t be trusted.

-It’s a bland platitude, but they are doing the opposite to what they are saying because there are tendencies that resemble the behavior of previous governments – said Selmani.

When he was told that they are surprised by his statement, Selmani said for Meta agency that the government should prove its claims by proposing a definite draft bill that will not contain fines.

We are journalists. We don’t believe in words as we do in acts. When the law passes at the government then I shall say “bravo.” In the last seven years, I heard plenty of similar promises – said Selmani.