During today’s session, the Government passed a decision to form an operative team that will fight crime and corruption, and which will consist of the highest representatives of the institutions of the executive power. The operative team will be led by the Deputy President and Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski.

The operative team will consist of the following people: Minister of Justice Renata Deskoska, the Deputy Minister of Interior Agim Nuhiu, the Director of the Bureau of Public Security Sasho Tasevski, the Director of the Financial Police Arafat Muaremi, the Director of the Customs Services, Gjoko Tanasoski, the Public Revenue Office’s Director, Sanja Lukarevska, the Director of the Administration of Financial Intelligence Blazo Trendafilov, the former Deputy Director of the Agency for Security and COunter-Intelligence Arif Asani and the Director of the Agency for National Security, Viktor Dimovski.

“The operational team is completely ready to put into use for the Public Prosecution and the judiciary in order to accomplish their legal obligations” states the government’s press release.