“It’s good that president Ivanov gave in and stopped blocking the forming of the new government. This decision should have happened a long time ago and finally, it is reflecting the outcome of the elections in the country from last year,” said the statement issued by the Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the assigning of the mandate on part of president Gjorge Ivanov to SDSM’s party leader, Zoran Zaev.

The statement also states that the president of SDSM, Zoran Zaev now has the mandate for forming the government and this can be the first important step towards the surpassing of the political crisis that the country has been for months.

“We call upon all participants in the political process in Skopje for a constructive collaboration, and that also refers to the forthcoming negotiations between the coalition partners. The citizens don’t deserve political intrigues that will be led behind their backs. What the country needs and what its citizens expect is a quick formation of a new government that will devote itself to a complete implementation of the Przino agreement and the reformatory priorities. What is necessary are deep reforms for the state in order to carry on towards the road to Euro-Atlantic integrations. Germany will continue to provide support for the country on that journey” said the statement issued by the German MFA.