Фото: 505 Games

The game Control is a relatively new game and one of the better ones that Epic Games gave away so far-it is available for free until the 17th of June. Besides being first made for PlayStation 4 some time ago it got a PC version, but it is still a game that requires a solid gaming machine, but it is also available for playing through GeForce Now.

In the game you’re practically playing a same character as Jean Gray from the X-man you have a force push like a Jedi, you can lift objects with telekinesis and hurl them at enemies and if no objects are around you- you rip pieces from the floor or concrete you walk on and throw the pieces at the opponents. You can also make a shield against bullets with the objects you raise with the telekinesis. If you leave your enemies at low health and you have the needed ability unlocked you can mind control them and make them fight at your side under the influence of a kind of telepathy that controls the mind. There is also a sort of flying that is more like a temporary floating-levitation instead of classical flying with the character.

While your primary weapon is a revolver that can be modified and you have only one weapon with different firing mods. It can become a revolver-shotgun, a revolver-SMG, revolver rocket launcher, or a powerful weapon with charge up attacks. The game’s graphics are made to satisfy the PS4 standards so it looks like a high quality game that’s new. That’s generally about the gameplay and combat and the story you’ll have to discover on your own by playing.