At today’s hearing, regarding the “Bribe” case which has been taking place at the Basic Court Skopje I, however, the full recording will not be shown of this case, of which the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has been accused.

The reason for that is that the Prosecution asked for the decision to publish the tape in writing, because he wants to appeal to a higher court.

Zaev has been accused, as a mayor of Strumica, for asking a bribe for about 160,000 euros from Ivan Nikolov Sachevaliev from Strumica, for legalization of construction land.

At today’s hearing in the Basic Court Skopje I, Sachevaliev said that Zaev, as a mayor of Strumica, asked for 300,000 euro bribe for the privatization of five plots of state construction land, and from this sum, one third for him, one for SDSM , and one for the church in Strumica.

He explained that on December 19th that year, he decided to report Zaev to the Ministry of Interior, after which he received the recording equipment. However, at the second meeting, he reduced the bribe to an additional two euros, i.e. he cut one third off he asked for SDSM.