An EU delegation in Skopje has called upon the government, the TV stations, and the cable network operators in Macedonia to negotiate and to find a sustainable solution for the dispute that can lead to stopping the re-broadcasting of domestic and foreign TV channels on part of the operators.

The EU delegation reminds that the reached agreement should obey the value of freedom of speech, the freedom of the media and access to information for all citizens. Also the sustainable solution should be acceptable for all operators on the market and to secure an implementation of the copyright.

“The EU delegation is ready to provide additional technical assistance for strengthening of the legal frame and ensuring of an all-encompassing and consistent sum of the rules for the media sector for all sides” states the press release issued by the delegation.

The operators threatened that after midnight on the 2nd of March they will stop with the re-broadcasting of all domestic and foreign TV channels if no solution is found for the adopted changes in the Law on Audi and Audiovisual Media Services that were passed on the 16th of February. They state that these amendments are unacceptable since the law is not applicable and the operators cannot guarantee whether the copyrights have been regulated for the program that is broadcasted on domestic and foreign TV channels.