The difference between the main Macedonian political parties is 4.8%, according to a poll commissioned by “Telma” TV and conducted by the Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis and MCMS.

If the elections were held tomorrow, VMRO-DPMNE would have 23.7% of the vote, 18,9% would vote for SDSM, 6.2% for DUI, 3.3% for DPA, 1.2% for BESA, while 4.9% would vote for other parties.

From the Albanian electorate, 6.3% said they will vote for SDSM, and 1,3% for VMRO-DPMNE.

The analysis of the survey stated that only 18.2% of the electorate who said they would vote in the election, refused to say who they would vote for. Of these, 14.3% work in the public sector, 16.4% are from the private sector, and 17.7% are unemployed.


The data from the poll indicates that 14.9% of the electorate are still undetermined,and 8.5% will not come out and take part in the elections.

The survey was conducted face to face, from November 6 to November 20, i.e. before the beginning of the election campaign, when there were no coalition lists or coalitions.