At the beginning of the debate at the plenary session in Parliament regarding the draft law on the use of languages, the MP from VMRO-DPMNE, Ilija Dimovski, accused DUI that with this law blackmailed SDSM before the local elections scheduled for October 15th.

“The Law on Languages is facing the local elections and represents a political blackmail by DUI to SDSM, which id needed to cover all scandals, blackmail and unfulfilled promises to the Albanian population. The members of this law are unconstitutional and come out of the Framework Agreement”, said Dimovski at the very beginning of the debate regarding the Law on languages.

Branko Manojlovski from DUI replied, who said that the problem is not the language, but the national hatred is a problem.

Petre Shilegov from SDSM accused the opposition of trying to get political points with sensitive topics and that from the draft law they made a boogie man.

Dimovski accused the parliamentary majority which does not want to have a debate regarding this law and that is the reason that the law has a European flag, to which the coordinator from the SDSM parliamentary group, Tomislav Tuntev, replied that everything is subject to public debate because it is one of the essential human rights.