The Parliament has ended the debate for the appointment of the new state public prosecutor, but it didn’t vote for the appointment of Ljubomir Joveski for this function.

The President of the Parliament, Talat Xhaferri postponed the voting for next week i.e. as he said, it shall be before the start of the session for the budget for 2018, set for next Friday.

Otherwise, at today’s debate at the Parliament, the VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs were absent, and they have previously announced that they shall be boycotting the work of the Parliament due to the detention of 6 of their colleagues otherwise suspects in the violent attacks on the 27th of April.

SDSM’s and DUI’s MPs in their debates have remarked the appointment of a new state public prosecutor as a starting point in the reforms of the whole legal domain.

An expectation that Joveski shall be up to the task was expressed by an MP of the Alliance of the Albanian, Surija Rashidi who said that a legal system has to be built that truly has to be independent.